What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a recognized complimentary therapy method

Where does Shiatsu come from?

Rooted in the Asian medicine experience, the Shiatsu therapy links Chinese medicine and philosophy with western concepts of health-encouraging measures. Shiatsu is a recognized complimentary therapy method, it is a Japanese therapy form that balances the energy flows in the body and stimulates natural, self-regulating strength.

Shiatsu touches deeply in a direct way, enhancing our sense of self and personal responsibility.

Shiatsu treatment

The movements conducted in a Shiatsu treatment are respectful and appreciative; Shiatsu becomes a deep, trustful communication through touch. The client, in all aspects of the body, soul and spirit, is considered and carefully touched. Shiatsu stimulates energy for health encouraging processes, as well as accompanying clients after the treatment.

Discussions help integrate the knowledge gained into everyday life. Shiatsu is well-suited for people in every stage of life


Eignet sich hervorragend als Alleintherapie, begleitend zu anderen Therapieformen

oder präventiv zur Erhaltung der Gesundheit.



Körperliche, psychosomatische und seelische Beschwerdebilder

Unter anderem bei chronischen und akuten körperlichen Beschwerden

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Possible indications for Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is, for example, recommended to help alleviate the following symptoms

Shiatsu for

  • chronic and acute physical pain and discomfort
  • emotional, psychological burdens, stress, life crisis and trauma
  • Shiatsu can aid in recovery from illness or accidents, the overall general encouragement of a healthy life and the development of one’s personal potential
  • Shiatsu can be employed as an independent therapy or as an accompaniment to conventional medical treatments


  • headache migraine,
  • neck, back or shoulder pain,
  • sleep disturbances,
  • nervousness and panic,
  • agitation, stomach and digestive complaints,
  • burnout, depression, fear, eating disorder,
  • menstruation and menopause complaints,
  • pregnancy and postbirth treatments.

(List is not exhaustive)

Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu is well-suited for people in every stage of life

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For further Information please address to: www.shiatsuverband.ch

How is Shiatsu practiced?

T The client lies – in comfortable clothing – on a mat / futon on the floor. With relaxing and deep-reaching touch, as well as stretching and rotation movements, the therapist stimulates various «life energies» so that these can flow harmoniously and find their natural balance.

Shiatsu is well-suited for people in every stage of life, at every age and is also highly beneficial for children and babies.

Is Shiatsu paid by health insurance? Please ask your health insurer about your specific conditions.