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    Complementary therapist with branch certificate

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Sylvia Holenstein

Sylvia Holenstein

  • Complementary therapist with branch certificate OdA KT, method Shiatsu
  • Dipl. Naturopath of Chinese Medicine HPS
  • Methods: Shiatsu, med. QiGong, dietetics West-TCM
  • Working as a Shiatsu therapist at the Frauensteinmatt care center/ZG
  • div. social internships in geriatric care
  • Languages: English, French, good knowledge of Spanish


A-member of the Shiatsu Society Switzerland (SGS)

Recognized by health insurance companies

Therapeutic training

  • 2012-2017

    Training at the Heilpraktikerschule (HPS) Lucerne as:

    • Shiatsu Therapist
    • Dietician West TCM
    • Therapist for med. QiGong
  • 2016-2017

    Diploma degrees

    • 2016 - dipl. Shiatsu Therapist HPS SGS
    • 2016 - dipl. dietician West-TCM HPS
    • 2017 - dipl. med. QiGong Therapist HPS
    • 2017 - certified alternative practitioner TCM HPS
  • 2015-2018

    Certificate degrees

    • 2015 - Shiatsu Practitioner HPS
    • 2015 - QiGong Practitioner HPS
    • 2013 - 150 hours Western Medicine
    • 2016 - 600 hours Western Medicine
    • 2018 - branch certificate OdA KT, method Shiatsu
  • 2016

    Shiatsu Internship in geriatrics with Brigitte Zenklusen at the Zug Neustadt and Herti retirement centers.

  • Further education

    Regular attendance of further training courses such as

    • Shiatsu for stress and burnout
    • Shiatsu for neurological complaints
    • Trauma therapy and Shiatsu
    • Shiatsu meridian teaching with Wataru Ohashi in Berlin
    • Zen Shiatsu with Haruhiko Masunaga in the Kien Valley
    • div. regular further training

What customers say

"I am totally enthusiastic about QiGong with Sylvia Holenstein. She succeeds in giving us inner peace, but also physically to find our center with relaxing, but also tense QiGong exercises. The calm breathing is beneficial for our health and inner balance. Highly recommended."


"The life forces in body and soul flow again after a Shiatsu treatment with Sylvia. Her charisma, calm, energy and gentle movements allow deep relaxation to set in. A benefit all around that I would not want to do without."


"The QiGong with Sylvia is a great enrichment for my life. The meditation brings a lot of peace and the gentle movements strengthen my body and soul, the energy in the room is really noticeable. Sylvia , keep up the good work, your QiGong classes are mega!"


"Since I was always tense and prone to viral infections, I started regular Shiatsu treatments with Sylvia over a year ago. Shiatsu helps me to escape my stressful workday, to balance body, mind and soul. Shiatsu has helped me to strengthen my immune system from the inside and to release tension in a sustainable way. I am very happy to have discovered Shiatsu for myself with Sylvia; through her calm charisma and the pleasant atmosphere in the room, it is possible for me to completely relax."


"I look forward to the QiGong class every Thursday. You lead us with a great commitment and much joy through the hour and for me it is every time pure relaxation for body and mind."


"The structure of the class, with a meditation at the beginning and the exercises afterward, is ideal for bringing me down each time."


"The QiGong exercises allow me to relax in stressful situations. It maintains and promotes my flexibility to go about my daily activities and has a positive effect on my sports activities."