Food as

Dietetics West TCM

Dietetics is one of the five pillars of TCM

Basis of life

Our food is the foundation of life and our diet is the root of our health. Our physical, mental and spiritual condition is based on what we take in from our environment and how we eat.

It's about you

So this is not about dieting in the real sense because diets are counterproductive. It is about you as a human being. The goal is to reconcile with your own body and recognize your own needs.

Medical history

After a detailed anamnesis, I will work with you to develop a form of nutrition that is tailored to you and can be implemented in everyday life, depending on the symptoms, and I will recommend suitable foods.

You are what you eat!

With the right diet, many complaints can be positively influenced

Dietetics West TCM

As the name suggests, in the dietetics Western TCM we work primarily with Western products and spices which are usually available everywhere and are also uncomplicated in processing.

The fresher and more natural, the freer from toxins and the more seasonal, the better.

In dietetics West-TCM we consider the foods as remedies. They are divided into different tastes such as sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, sour and the respective temperature (cold, neutral, hot).

"Without the knowledge of a healthy diet, it is almost impossible to follow a good health
to delight."

Sun Si Miao (618-907 AD)

With the appropriate diet, many complaints can be positively influenced, e.g.:

Obesity - Acne - Allergies
arthritis, gout, rheumatism - belching, heartburn
bloating, flatulence - high blood pressure - high cholesterol level
gastritis - headache, migraine - osteoporosis
Sleep disorders - Sweet cravings - Digestive problems - Menopausal symptoms